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All products for birds, animals and fish.


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    All the products in the range Beaphar

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  • Beta Max Concept

    Beta Max Concept has for Credo: to offer a food Slow Food for dogs, for cats , a "Pet Food" complete, universal, balanced, 100% natural, without additives and of high quality " Ultra Premium " . A food that could also be consumed by Human beings.

    The company is located in Belgium, in a small corner of a beautiful region of Wallonia located in Braives (between Huy and Hannut) . The company is a strong advocate of " slow food animal " and 100% natural.... the genesis of the project relies on the motivation and the determination of the director Mr Gerald Heine, who has been able, after several years of testing to finally achieve the ideal composition of this new food complete and universal for dogs of all breeds and of any age ; initially this was only a dietary supplement inspired by the work of a friend veterinary behaviorist , this add-in base turned out to be extremely digestible and assimilable despite a high proportion of cereals and vegetables, the secret of this mix based e. a. a natural transformation of cereals that causes a gelation of the starch and on the wedding soybeans-oils of salmon; these positive results were confirmed during in-depth studies on the digestive system and on the peculiarities of the power of the dog by other veterinary nutritionists.

    From march 2017 , the commercialization of a new concept " Dinner Muesli Fish" is in full swing and the success of this product has become our priority.

    The company has also opted to distribute a small range of care products for animals under the label Flair Care ; lotions and shampoos, anti-parasite, lotions promenade, necklaces, insect repellent, pipettes spot-on ; anything to get rid of dogs, cats and horses of ticks, fleas and other insects, in a natural way by mechanical action...

    We investigate and develop soon the first revenue-based version of quality meats, using a meat dehydrated, or a contribution in the form of natural proteins ; another version will focus on the power of the cat....without chemical additives and 100% natural.

    Would eat you the same food all your life ?

    Your dog is the fact for too long....

    The Belgian loves animals : not less than 70% of the population welcomes a beast-haired, with a large part of dogs . Owning a pet, it is proven, has a positive effect on the lives of its owners, the average expenditure of a household in belgium, to " Doggie " is of the order of 1219€/year of which 2/3 of this sum about 800€ just for the food . The industry of the Pet Food (food for pets), seized on this bonanza of gold to feed all these animals.....but with what?....with the Tricatel? the Spanghero ?.

    That eats your dog for too long ?

    Today, most of the people don't stop to run and say in a hurry, people in a hurry for everything, who no longer have the time to cook a real meal, much less to prepare the bowl for their dog. For these followers of the " fast food canin ", a bag of croquettes, and the lunchbox.

    See any specialist, all will tell you that for the man, the food should be varied, balanced, and composed of fresh foods and season . Gold for the dog, it is the opposite : nothing of all this, day by day, the same poor and a pittance often made vague traces of a meat of indeterminate and a lot of chemistry that he brings in a bowl of stainless steel, .....

    Fortunately, this is not a generality, many owners have decided otherwise, and the return to a more natural feeding between more and more in the realm of morals...

    What do dogs need ?

    The dog is a wolf domesticated, which has had to get used to a sedentary lifestyle and governed by Man . He eats what his master presents him with, this is not the predator that we depict in the advertising of the Pet Food , of course, the dog was actually in need of animal protein (meat or fish) in small quantities, they also need to plant protein found in grains and vegetables, fiber, minerals and little fat. It only has to do with the type of "meat" illustrated or contained ( rabbit, chicken, kangaroo or deer), the dog food is not a matter of taste and pleasure, but of smell and survival ; so, he sniffs, eats fast, and chews little, swallowing large pieces in one bite . The process of digestion of the dog does not begin in the mouth, as in Man, but in the stomach . His digestive system mono-gastric short-term, encourages focus on the food "pre-digested" and low in starches.

    The "dinner muesli " Flair Food has been specifically designed around these features, to meet this need and fully meets its requirements in good vegetable proteins.

    How was born this new concept of "dinner muesli" ?

    At the outset, our formulation was only a food supplement, then, we have to perform additional studies by specialists, we have attended many conferences and trade fairs in order to lead to the creation of a complete food , balanced and healthy , several versions have been tested as a meal substitute and then as a daily meal among some breeders and individuals, these tests on the field have allowed us to seal the current composition of our "dinner muesli " Flair Food.

    Flair Food is mainly based on the use of noble materials consumed by Humans which makes a food called' Ultra Premium

    Our base products are exclusively natural, subtle vegetable mixture to vegetables and grains that the excess of starch was gelled by a natural process of break-in infrared ( infranisation) and salmon oil . We do not add preservatives, salt, sugar, or other chemical products . By its design of dry food, you do not pay for water at the price of the food, our dinner muesli is economical in terms of average cost ( less than 0.80€ /day for a dog of 10kg) , the addition of an equal weight of water thereby doubling the volume consumable( 1kg Flair Food = 2 kg of feed consumed) . It is a food that is universal, suitable for dogs of any breed and of any age . We recommend a daily serving of 10gr/kg, that is to say that a dog of 10kg will receive on a daily basis 100gr our muesli + 100g of water, a portion that you can accommodate according to your desires, e. a. a little fresh cheese as a reward, or according to the needs of the dog in the period of "driven" a little yeast.

    As you would for any other new food, this change of food habits will require a short transition period of 4 to 7 days, via an introduction by levels by reducing gradually the proportion of the old food for the new passing of 1/4-3/4 , 1/2-1/2, then 3/4-1/4

    The " dinner muesli " Flair Food is presented as a muesli traditional , it contains everything a dog needs , that is composed exclusively of corn, barley, wheat, soy, carrots, peas, leeks, and salmon oil . It is a complete and balanced meal, rich in vitamins , oligo-elements and mineral salts ; simple to use, just add water and let swell for a few seconds before serving....a work of "Chief" who is at the reach of all.

    Flair Food is also available in a formula " Pro " only reserved for veterinarians and breeders, formula is higher in protein and is intended to "Doggie " so that it finds a beautiful skin, hair and coat gloss, an ideal weight and, in the future for all his life to provide him with a good balanced diet.

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    Manufacturer of equipment for livestock: feeders, waterers, cages and accessories

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  • Vanrobaeys

    Founded in 1965, the company Vanrobaeys has always been a family company. This producer of food for pigeons has become over time an important actor, acclaimed by the best fanciers in Belgium and abroad for the rearing of their champions.

    Vanrobaeys is synonymous to passion, attention to quality and perfection. Everything must be perfect : this is why we focus heavily on quality control. A mixture of quality is only available when the "raw material" is high-quality to the original.

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  • Winners

    Winners guarantees product quality belgian. Belgium has a great history in pigeon racing and through these years of experience in pigeon racing we know exactly what your pigeon needs and when. We transformed this knowledge into an exclusive range of products that can help boost your pigeons to obtain better results in a natural way ; and you will give more joy in our beautiful sport.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items